Praise for The Write Prescription

…an invaluable companion as one walks the world of medical treatments. For many, this process could be life-saving or at least life-altering.

New Spirit Journal

Thoroughly informed, informative, and completely ‘user friendly’ from beginning to end.
Midwest Book Review

…a polished, gorgeously organized and helpful primer…a handly launching pad for any aspiring writer with a story to tell.
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Praise for Motherhood Exaggerated

The dramatic language, both highly descriptive and emotional, rings with the unforgiving pain and fear of this terrifying disease . . . The amplification of the lives of Judith and her daughter, Nadia, are felt as you read this deep and loving book.

—Carly Simon

Motherhood Exaggerated is a beautifully written narrative . . . a moving, engaging retelling of the complex bonds and tensions every parent experiences in our relationship with our children.

—Mary Gordon

Moving, insightful and uplifting , . . Judith Hannan’s book is brilliantly honest and beautifully written.

—Nancy Slonim Aronie

Judith Hannan has written a riveting, gut-wrenching, soul-shaking account . . . a poignant reminder that long after cure has been achieved . . . healing is still taking place, indeed healing must still be taking place.

—Dr. Leonard H. Wexler, Associate Attending Physician, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Judith Hannan takes us with her on her journey through the valley of the shadow of death and then back to the sunshine of life . . . Judith’s willingness to share intimate feelings and to discuss difficult moments is a gift that will help so many, as it has already helped me, to deal with the past as well as the future.

—Alan M. Dershowitz

 The book details her journey as she experiences life as a mother whose daughter is diagnosed with cancer, and becomes a survivor. I also had an opportunity to email the author, and I wanted to share her answers here.

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Many other books deal with the grief and sorrow when the child ultimately succumbs to the illness. This book, on the other hand, explores the journey through the darkness of fear, and back to the light of hope and joy of survival. Even though her daughter – now a young woman – survived, it’s still a powerful book, dealing with the emotions that a parent faces in her situation.

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Looking for an amazing heart wrenching story of survival? This book is for you. I don’t know how many times had to put the book down because I couldn’t see past the tears welling in my eyes or to go hugs my girls extra tight and hope that they are always healthy.

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The experience was indeed harrowing, but with a lower case “h” — a more intimate form of fright.  The reader will not be taken to a place of despair.

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… One of those books that stays with you… in a good way. A beautifully written memoir – candid, heart-wrenching and uplifting, about her daughter’s horrific diagnosis with bone cancer, and how they all, survived.

Listen to Judith’s interview with Deb Colitti of the The Deb Colitti Show here.

Judith Hannan shares with Allen, Dr. Melody and our listeners her emotionally uncompromising memoir, Motherhood Exaggerated, in which she recounts the ordeal of her young daughter’s battle with cancer and how the frightening medical journey tested and strengthened a mother’s resilience.

Listen to Judith’s interview with Allen Cardoza of LATalkRadio  here

This is such a beautiful memoir.  I don’t think I have been as moved by a memoir since I read Mark Doty’s Heaven’s Coast.  In both cases, I was mesmerized by the narrative, the insightful and moving prose, and the unwincing honesty of the authors.

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Hannan is a story-teller, teacher, our friend and, at times, ourselves. She not only shares her experiences during the illness of her child, Nadia, but allows us to step into her shoes; we understand Hannan’s challenges and growwith her revelations.

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Judith Hannan is one of those Boomers with an indomitable spirit and a passion for helping people.

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This account, while largely a memoir focused on the fits and starts of personal psychological healing, also reads as the tale of a spirited girl triumphing over her nemesis, as well as a self-help guide for families buckling under the weight of a child’s diagnosis.

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Hannan uses candor when writing about the entire experience, thus making it real and familiar, even to those readers without having experienced a personal encounter with cancer.

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While Motherhood Exaggerated has a foot in the world of the illness memoir genre, a la Autobiography of a Face, it is also too well-rounded as a memoir in its own right—with its exploration of motherhood, Jewish faith and culture, and the curiosities of the natural world—to be so squarely labeled.

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Hannan never whitewashes the truth, detailing the negative and positive steps along the way. She admits to her own insecurities and moments of weakness, but also takes pride in the small victories won as she battled for Nadia’s very life.

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In the past, the few memoirs about children battling cancer dealt mostly with death and grief. This passionate retelling by a survivor’s mother is about the struggle to help shepherd her child out of illness, towards health and through survival.

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